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Some Facts About Hood Cleaning


How Often Should A Hood System Be Cleaned?

For us to give you an accurate estimate on how often your hood system should be cleaned, we would need to look at your system and also see what kind of food you are cooking. We usually recommend being cleaned either:






Does The Kitchen Need To Be Closed at Time of Service?

Yes and No. If your kitchen cannot be closed completely, the cooking equipment under the hood(s) will need to be turned off and allowed time to cool.


What Do The Filters Do in a Hood?

Grease filters allow the fan to draw air consistently in the kitchen.  They are to be cleaned on a routine basis.  They should be vertical to allow grease to travel down the filter, and be collected in the drip pans.


Are Access Panels Important?

Access panels are vital to make sure the shaft of your exhaust system is cleaned properly. Panels should be installed every 12’ and at every bend.  A general guideline is; if you can’t see it, you can’t clean it. We like to make sure we get every nook and cranny.


Are Hinge Kits Important to Have on a Fan?

Hinges on a fan make cleaning easier and prevent damage to the fan itself. Hinges keep the fan off the roof which prevents it from rolling away and causing damage to the fan and housing.


Does My Hood Have an Up-to-Date Inspection Paper and Hood Sticker?

A current and up-to-date inspection and hood sticker are provided for each and every cleaning. The inspection paper we provide gives your local Fire Marshal information about who cleaned and inspected your hood system and the hood sticker tells when it was cleaned last and when we will be back to clean it again.


How Long Does A Hood Cleaning Take?

AOK Hood Services make every effort to make sure you are cleaned the right way. The total amount of time required to clean your exhaust system varies. Most systems can be cleaned within 3-4 hours.  However, some can take as long as 6 or more hours. It all depends on the size of your hood and the amount of filters and fans. 


Do We Guarantee Our Service?

Yes.  If you are not satisfied with our work, please call us immediately and we will work with you to solve the problem as quickly and appropriately as possible. (316) 942-5831


AOK Hood Services Just Doesn’t Clean What You Can See!

As an optional service, we can take before and after pictures of the process it takes to clean your hood. Pictures show you that we are getting every nook and cranny that we possibly can. We assure you will be satisfied with our work! 

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